August 11, 2009





  1. HI!
    My name is Mary Schaubert and I run a blog very similar to the ones which you send samples to, in the hopes to get advertisement to blog readers. I wouldn't say I'm new at it, but I had wondered how these bloggers got in contact with you and vice versa about receiving clothes to wear and photograph, and in the end just decided that the best way to contact you would be to do it myself! My blog is, it's titled Poor Little Rich Girl, and I wear a mix of high and low end, coupled with a lot of vintage accessories. My hits now are up to about 120 per day, I am frequently featured on the blog, and I was recently featured on Glamour Magazine's website as their best dressed reader pick which you can see here ( just to list a few credentials. I don't know the kind of blog you're looking for exactly, but I believe my demographic might be around your type, I can't help but browse your site every week wishing I could just have everything! If you have any interest in collaborating, please feel free to email me at, or call at 618-316-4908. Thanks for your time!

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